Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Resolve???

Good Morning!! I finally woke up to an alarm!! I set my cell phone alarm last night for what I thought was 5:45 am. I need to start getting up earlier so that it is not such a shock to my system when school starts and I have to wake up at 5am!! So, this morning my alarm went off. I woke up and got dressed for walking. When I walked into the kitchen I found out from the stove clock that is was 4:45am!!!! I contemplated going ahead and heading out the door for a morning walk, but decided I'd rather have another hour of sleep. So I reset my alarm for 5:45 and slept on the couch for another hour. As I was drifting back to Never Never Land I heard rain falling outside and ALMOST turned off my alarm resolved that it would probably be raining when it went off again. Thankfully I left the alarm alone. It went off at 5:45, and much to my chagrin it was no longer raining. "Come on, Lori, get your butt out of bed!!" I would love to say that I leapt off the couch threw my shoes on and eagerly left the house for my morning walk, but such is not entirely the case. I dragged myself off the couch, put my shoes on (all the while hoping the heavens would open up and rain would drench the earth), and meandered out the door. It was muggy outside, but my head was beginning to clear from sleepiness. I could hear the birds singing, the skies were lightening, and the smell of rain still hung in the air. I'm actually a morning person at heart. I do my best thinking then, and I'm more productive in the AM. It took a little while, but I began to really enjoy my walk. It did rain on me a little, but I welcomed it. I was sweating anyway; what's a little rain going to hurt?

I've titled this with question marks because I'm really not sure I'm going to keep this up. I NEED to keep this up!! I need to make some changes in my diet and exercise (lack thereof), but I'm having a hard time WANTING, or even having the resolve to do it. So, today was a first step. I plan to set my alarm again for tomorrow morning and have the same success getting out of bed and out the door! Here's hoping! :)

I did weigh myself this morning, too. We have two scales--digital and regular. I weighed myself on both, but for some reason the digital weighed me 9 lbs. heavier. I had the girls weigh themselves on both scales, too. Their numbers were consistent, but mine continued to have a 9 lb. difference. I guess I'll be using the regular scale. :) I've dropped out of Weight Watchers, but that was probably enevitable with the coming school year. It would be too much driving. I might try to find a meeting in Bentonville or even in Centerton (where I'm teaching)--we'll see. So my weight tracker will be changing pretty soon with a new goal. Who knows this could be the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle for me!!

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