Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inquiring Minds...!

Good Morning, once again! I'm sure you are anxiously waiting with bated breath as to whether or not I got my rear end out of bed this morning. I am proud to say that I MOST CERTAINLY DID!!!! Although, at the same time, I do have to admit, that I did not want to. I came up with a myriad of reasons after I quieted my cell phone alarm. Deep down I knew I would regret it the entire day if I didn't. So, once again, donning shorts and a tank top, I put my shoes on and headed out the door. It was a little cooler this morning. While they were calling for a chance of rain none of it greeted me this morning.

My primary excuse for not getting out of bed this morning would have been how I feel--run down and my throat really hurts. I first really felt my throat hurting yesterday, but thought that is was from a bad bout with heartburn the night before. Unfortunately I think it might be strep. A couple of weeks ago when I found out my cholesterol was high I also found out that my strep count was even higher. They swabbed my throat with a q-tip, but I haven't heard anything about the results from that. I figured no news was good news so I didn't give it another thought. Since then Anne was the first to fever for a couple of days before complaining of a sore throat. I gave her Tylenol for sore throats for a couple of days, and that seemed to do it for her. Naomi complained of not feeling well a few days after that, but didn't have much of a fever. She did say her throat hurt, and I could tell by her coughing that she was congested. I gave her the same meds as Anne, but it hasn't seemed to be quite as effective. I also wondered if it was allergy related so I bought her Zyrtec yesterday, but I'm thinking a trip to the clinic might be warranted. Melanie had a fever yesterday evening--I'm really hoping and praying over her that she doesn't get the sore throat that seems to be plaguing the rest of us. I'm so thankful that Anne seems to be well. Andy hasn't been able to escape it, either. He stated that his throat was sore last night.

On a more positive note...I picked up a copy of the new Third Day CD "Revolution." LifeWay Christian bookstores were have a pre-buy promotion that I participated in. For $7.99 I received not only the new CD, but a Third Day T-shirt and a coupon for $5 off my next purchase. So when I picked up the Third Day CD I also bought a Big Daddy Weave CD. I have really been enjoying some of their songs on the radio so I decided to use my $5 coupon on that. The "Revolution" CD is pretty good. I haven't had a chance to listen to my new Big Daddy Weave, yet. I'll probably enjoy that one today while I'm trying to get more packing done. MY HOUSE IS SUCH A MESS!!!!

I've been thinking today that I might need to change the title of my blog. :) I started realizing that it's title is "My Three Princesses," but not much has been said about them. Maybe I should have titled it, "My Three Princesses and the Ramblings of the Queen!"

Good day to all!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Resolve???

Good Morning!! I finally woke up to an alarm!! I set my cell phone alarm last night for what I thought was 5:45 am. I need to start getting up earlier so that it is not such a shock to my system when school starts and I have to wake up at 5am!! So, this morning my alarm went off. I woke up and got dressed for walking. When I walked into the kitchen I found out from the stove clock that is was 4:45am!!!! I contemplated going ahead and heading out the door for a morning walk, but decided I'd rather have another hour of sleep. So I reset my alarm for 5:45 and slept on the couch for another hour. As I was drifting back to Never Never Land I heard rain falling outside and ALMOST turned off my alarm resolved that it would probably be raining when it went off again. Thankfully I left the alarm alone. It went off at 5:45, and much to my chagrin it was no longer raining. "Come on, Lori, get your butt out of bed!!" I would love to say that I leapt off the couch threw my shoes on and eagerly left the house for my morning walk, but such is not entirely the case. I dragged myself off the couch, put my shoes on (all the while hoping the heavens would open up and rain would drench the earth), and meandered out the door. It was muggy outside, but my head was beginning to clear from sleepiness. I could hear the birds singing, the skies were lightening, and the smell of rain still hung in the air. I'm actually a morning person at heart. I do my best thinking then, and I'm more productive in the AM. It took a little while, but I began to really enjoy my walk. It did rain on me a little, but I welcomed it. I was sweating anyway; what's a little rain going to hurt?

I've titled this with question marks because I'm really not sure I'm going to keep this up. I NEED to keep this up!! I need to make some changes in my diet and exercise (lack thereof), but I'm having a hard time WANTING, or even having the resolve to do it. So, today was a first step. I plan to set my alarm again for tomorrow morning and have the same success getting out of bed and out the door! Here's hoping! :)

I did weigh myself this morning, too. We have two scales--digital and regular. I weighed myself on both, but for some reason the digital weighed me 9 lbs. heavier. I had the girls weigh themselves on both scales, too. Their numbers were consistent, but mine continued to have a 9 lb. difference. I guess I'll be using the regular scale. :) I've dropped out of Weight Watchers, but that was probably enevitable with the coming school year. It would be too much driving. I might try to find a meeting in Bentonville or even in Centerton (where I'm teaching)--we'll see. So my weight tracker will be changing pretty soon with a new goal. Who knows this could be the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle for me!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bustin' Up Stuff!

A good Saturday morning to all!! It's finally beginning! The demolition has begun! Andy rented a backhoe and jackhammer to use this weekend to take out the sidewalk on the east side of the house and to break up the concrete in the garage. We have to have 18 inches of clearance for a crawl space. That's the reason for busting up the concrete floor in the garage. The sidewalk has to go because that is about how far the west side of the house will be extended. I'm beginning to fill up with excitement since it's all finally beginning. Much more to come so stay tuned... :)

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Before and After

Here is a before and a projected after picture of our house. Notice the big shadow behind our van--the huge red dumpster! :) There are so many details about the addition we are doing. It would be silly and confusing for me to try to explain them all now. I'll try to do it with pictures as progress is made. Right now Andy is in the process of dismantling the back deck and gazebo. Then he'll bust up the sidewalk along the side of our house and the cement floor of the garage. New footing has to be dug and put in place before the framers come in. The framers are scheduled to start Aug. 4th. I'm getting excited and anxious as things get closer to happening. Ryan, are you sure you couldn't fly in for a couple of weeks! :)

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Melanie Laughing!

There is nothing sweeter than a little one laughing. This video was taken a few weeks ago, but I came across it while I was importing some photos from my digital camera. Melanie got such a kick out of the blocks falling and Anne and Naomi's exclamations I couldn't resist capturing it on video. I'll be posting some before pictures of our house soon. Next week we start living in a travel trailer. We already have a huge red dumpster as a yard ornament while Andy begins demolition.

Monday, July 21, 2008

"The Dark Knight"

This movie will ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!! Andy and I went to see it Saturday evening, and LOVED IT!!! We are anxious to see it again. It will definitely be a movie to buy when it's available!! We are even contemplating going to watch it at the IMAX in Tulsa, OK (the closest IMAX to us besides in Branson, MO). If it wouldn't have been late when we got out of the theatre and sold out we would have turned around and watched it again! WOW!!! This movie does not disappoint!! I will say it is not a movie for children. I couldn't believe it when I saw a mom take two young children out of the theatre not too long after it started. I was surprised they were there to begin with. Any Oscar nominations given to this movie and its cast will be well deserved. I'm not going to give any details--you have to see it for yourself!
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Health Update

The results are in from my blood work. Drum roll please...... My cholesterol is 213--normal is 100-199. Nothing a little diet and exercise can't cure. My triglycerides are fine, but the overall cholesteral level is high. So I'll go back in 3 months to have my cholesterol checked again. Along with diet and exercise the nurse recommended that I take an omega-3 supplement. I used to in the past, but quit after I had Melanie. The nurse said that is has been known to help reduce cholesterol numbers.

I also have strep! My throat doesn't hurt, and I don't feel any symptoms. The nurse said that I could be a carrier. My number for strep was 284--normal is 100-200! The nurse practitioner said that if it goes untreated for too long, then it can cause rhuematic heart disease! Thankfully the nurse was a little more positive about it. When she did a strep throat culture I asked what I could do about it. She said it's treatable with antibiotics. They are supposed to call when the results from the throat culture come back. Good grief!!

They don't know why my ankle continues to be painful--my original reason for going to the clinic in the first place. So they are recommending me to an orthopedic surgeon, and will call me back on Monday with an appointment for that.

Since exercise is a little difficult with a painful left ankle I'm doing the best I can with "diet." I'm also back to taking an omega-3 supplement. Fun times! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Copying this from Emily's blog...

Here is a fun little game...Leave a comment on my blog of a memory that you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you've known me for a short time, or a long time, anything you remember! Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.On your mark...get your memories!!

(You don't have to have a blog to leave a memory.)

New Inspiration!!

I guess you could say the fire under my rear-end has been stoked once again. :) I'm sure you've realized that the weight loss ticker on this blog has not moved in a few weeks. No, I haven't forgotten about it. I just haven't lost anymore weight. In fact, I've gained a few, and was even considering dropping out of Weight Watchers. For whatever reason I lost all manner of will power, self-control, and just plain "want to." I could come up with a myriad of excuses, but none of them would really be that good. :)

Yesterday I received a call that lit the fire once again. I went to the doctor's office last Thursday to have my left ankle checked out. It has been painful since April. I'm not sure what I did to it. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so I've just put up with it for a while. A couple of weeks ago the pain got worse so I decided to have it checked out. The x-rays came back fine. They also did blood work. The call I received was about those results. The nurse is the one who called so she didn't tell me anything about my ankle, but did inform me about my cholesterol. Evidently it is high! Again, she didn't give me any details, but stressed the importance of a low fat diet and exercise. Her tone seemed urgent to me while she was talking to me. I go back tomorrow (7/18) morning so they can discuss the outcome of the results regarding my ankle, and so they can run some more tests--UGH! Then I'll have to go back in three months to have my cholesterol checked again!!

This is not the first time that my cholesterol levels have been high. When Andy and I applied for life insurance policies blood had to be drawn, and my cholesterol was high, then. Now that was before I had any children. Andy is wondering why my levels are high because he and I eat the same things, but he has NEVER had high cholesterol. With his dad's history that is AMAZING and a HUGE blessing from God. I don't have any answers regarding that. I should have more answers tomorrow after my appointment.

So for now I'm being EXTREMELY careful of what I eat. I'll probably do a walking video this morning, too. :) I went to a produce stand yesterday and picked up some home grown fruits and veggies--YUM! I'm also going to try a couple of Emily's "can't live without" food items to help get me through cravings. I'll let ya'll know more after tomorrow's appointment.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July, 2008!!!


I'm copying this picture idea from my cousin, Josie. She took pictures of her daughter, niece, and nephew with an authentic American flag as a backdrop. Her pictures turned out great so I thought I'd give it a shot with one that we bought at Lowes. It was hard to keep Melanie smiling long enough for the camera to take the picture. Then when I tried to get individual pictures she kept crawling off--image that! :) I might try to attempt her individual picture after her nap. We'll see how lucky I'm feeling. :)
Gentry has and Independence Day celebration all day long. I'd like to take the girls to the park this afternoon to look around a bit. Unless other plans are made we'll probably head over to Andy's parents' house this evening to watch the fireworks from their back deck!
Otherwise Andy is cleaning out the garage, and I'm trying to get some house stuff done. In the midst of all the busyness a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to those who are serving and have served in our nation's military. We are extremely blessed to have the freedoms that we so often take for granted.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Weekend!

Our weekend was pretty busy--at least on Friday and Sunday. We would have been busy Saturday, too, but it rained off and on all day. We had things we wanted to accomplish to get our house ready for construction, but the rain put a damper on that. Anyway...

On Friday the girls and I went on a field trip with some families from our home school group. We got to tour the Naturals ball park. Arkansas has their very own semi-pro baseball team now!! This is the first year for them. Andy is the only one who has been to a game. Simmons has a suite. I'm hoping he can get tickets for a game in July. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I'd like to go at least once. The tour guide made it sound like they do quite a bit to involve the crowd.

Sunday afternoon I took Naomi and Melanie swimming at Coye and Marnie's. The water was pretty cold so Melanie didn't care to stay in too long. Otherwise she enjoys it. Sunday evening we joined my mom, Stephanie, Courtney, and Garrett for a piano concert. A friend of my mom's was playing in it. There were eight pianos being played at the same time. They called it a piano kaleidescope. After each song they would switch pianos. There were 3 keyboards, 3 grand pianos, and 2 upright pianos. My girls were antsy, but I really enjoyed it!! Then mom treated us out to ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery--yes I had Apple Pie a La Cold Stone!! It was YUMMY!!! Finally we went to the baptist church at Pinnacle Hills for their Fourth of July celebration. We were able to sit by the play set and let the kids play until the fireworks started. The playset cleared out quite a bit when the fireworks started so we let our kids continue to play during the fireworks. Some of the church members passed out glo sticks for the kids. The fireworks were GREAT! It was a great way to begin this years Fourth of July. Gentry has their Independence Day celebration on July 4th.

Courtney on the climbing wall. Sorry, Garret, my picture of you turned out really blurry.
I'm still trying to figure out some of the settings on my digital camera. I think this is the auto setting with the flash turned off. I have a twilight and twilight portrait setting, but those didnt' turn out as well.