Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anne's Soccer Debut!

This fall we signed Anne up for soccer. She really enjoyed the season. We plan to sign her up in the spring again. Thankfully she'll be able to be on the same team, and they will keep the same uniform. Her team was undefeated until their second game in the tournament. The only position she didn't play was goalie. Before the season was over her coach discovered that she's pretty good at throwing the ball in. At least she would get it to her own teammate, and not just throw it somewhere on the field. :)

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Catching up!

Here are some long overdue pics of our pumpkin carving adventure this year. This was the first time that I ever carved a pumpkin--that I can remember. It was a lot of fun, but the pulp is hard to get out completely. Ewwww! :) I carved Melanie's for her. She would eat the seeds as I took them out of the pumpkin! Too funny! I did dry out the seeds and toast them later, but none of us ate them. I guess we're not big fans of pumpkin seeds. Oh well. Next year I'll wait till a couple of days before Halloween to do the carving. The pumpkins started molding too soon, and we ended up throwing them out a few days before Halloween. We'll definitely do it again next year!

I'd even like to see if I can find a pie pumpkin before Thanksgiving is over. I would like to keep the seeds to plant in the spring so that we can have our own pumpkins in the fall. We'll see. :)

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