Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!!!!

It all started before Christmas break. The girls came down with stomach viruses which of course got passed on to me, and then onto my parents in time for Christmas since we were staying with them at the time. We finally got through that, but recently the girls had strep throat. Last week Naomi was diagnosed with strep, an ear infection, and pneumonia in her right lung. The nurses and I had to hold her down for a shot in her rear, and then she received antibiotics for the ear infection. Anne was diagnosed a couple of days later with strep, and had the priviledge of taking some "nasty" medicine. Just this week Anne was crying of an ear ache. When Andy took her to the clinic the ear infection was so severe that they let him look at it. He described it as looking burnt with white blisters on it. So now Anne is on an antibiotic for that, but I guess it's not as "nasty." Melanie has been coughing off and on. She was diagnosed before Thanksgiving with RSV so we figure the coughing is a continuation of that. Otherwise she's her jolly self. Now I've got a head cold, and hopefully that's as far as it goes.

All that to say, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!" I'm praying we all have immune systems of steel after this school year!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Need to Explain Something

In my effort to be effecient I saved a lot of picture posts as drafts thinking that I would just type on them later and post to my blog. Well, since I drafted them all last night they are going to post under Saturday, Jan. 3. I guess it doesn't matter when you actually post them. It only matters when you drafted them in the first place. So, I guess my post for Saturday, Jan. 3, is going to get pretty long even though I'm actually posting them days later. I really don't want to go through the hassle of deleting them and reposting them, so please bear with me. :) If none of this made sense, I'm sorry. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

From Beginning to Almost End!

I find it fun to look at before and during pictures from time to time. So here is where we were to where we are so far. The last picture shows an unfinished siding, and of course it's finished now. Maybe I'll get out today and take pictures of the finished outside. :)

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2nd Floor Pictures!

Some people have been asking to see pictures of the inside of the house. So here is an idea of what the second floor looks like. The first picture is of the loft area that overlooks the living room downstairs. I took the picture from the doorway of the "media" room.

The second picture is a view of the "media" room from the south wall, and the third picture is a view from the north wall of the "media" room. Pictures really don't do it justice--especially since I'm the one taking them. :)

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Installing the Electrical Stuff!

Andy has been doing the electrical rough-in himself. It's taken longer than expected because we dealt with so much sickness when he first began. Then it was other issues, plus the holidays--Ugh! Anyway, he's pretty close to being finished. This past Saturday it got up to 70 degrees!! So I had the girls out in the house "helping." I was able to help Andy "daisy chain" electrical outlets in our master bedroom together. I also swept the floors of the rooms he was finished with. It felt good to get out there and help him.

Melanie just had fun walking around and through walls. She never tried to go up the stairs completely. She would only go up one or two and then get back down. She might have a heights issue like her mommy. She was filthy by the time she came back in the part of the house we are living in--needed a bath desperately.

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Playing Outdoor Challenge on New Year's Eve!

We had a Sunday School fellowship for New Year's Eve, but it was a "no kids allowed" party. Thankfully Alyson, the girls' usual babysitter, didn't have plans so she stayed with the girls. They received Wii Outdoor Challenge for Christmas from my parents, and these pictures show them playing it. Even Melanie wanted in on the action. They had a hard time keeping her off the mat. :) I think they played it until Alyson put them to bed! :) The game does take quite a bit of coordination, and is ranked pretty closely with the Wii Fit.

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Installing Recessed Lighting in a 16-18 ft. ceiling!

I'll also post some house updates with the overdue Christmas stuff. In these pictures I'm trying to give you an idea of what Andy had to do in order to install the recessed lighting in the living room. The ceiling in the living room slopes with the roof. Where the roof meets the south wall is 8 ft. The tallest part of the ceiling is 18 ft!!! Andy borrowed ladders and aluminum planks from the siding guys to install and wire the recessed lighing in the living room. Now I'm deathly afraid of heights. Andy needed me to help hand him things. I have to tell you that I was so nervous for him that I was sick to my stomach. It was all I could do to keep from passing out or throwing up while "helping" him. I was so glad when it was all over. Only now he'll need to get back up there to install styrofoam venting stuff for the roof before the insulation guys come--Ugh!

The first picture of Andy's "scaffolding." I took the picture from where the kitchen begins looking south into the living room.

The second picture is of Andy installing recessed lighting in the 18 ft. part of the ceiling. It is also the flattest part of the ceiling. I'm standing on the 1st floor living room.

The third picture is of Andy on the "scaffolding." He did admit that even he was nervous. I'm taking the picture from the loft over the kitchen.
The last picture is another attempt to show you how high off the floor he was. I'm taking the picture from the top of the stairs. You really had to be there. I'm so glad he has that done!!!! Hopefully installing the styrofoam roof venting won't be as scary of an undertaking. I don't know that I could stand it again! :)
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The Day After Christmas in Wichita, KS!

The day after Christmas I took the girls and went to Wichita, KS, to see Andy's mom, Nancy. It's about a four hour trip from here. Some family members were surprised that I made the trip with the girls by myself, but I wanted to get the heck out of Dodge!!! We didn't leave till Friday afternoon, and we arrived in Wichita around dinner time.

Unfortunately, I managed to drop my keys in the van while getting Melanie, her diaper bag, and my purse out. Of course I then locked the van not realizing I no longer had the keys in my possession. I didn't realize my mistake until we had all gotten in the house, opened Christmas gifts from Nana (Nancy), and visited for a short period of time. I was finally contemplating getting the rest of our stuff out of the van when my heart sunk realizing that I probably locked the keys in the van. We searched everywhere first, but reached the sad conclusion. I called the Honda dealership, but their service dept. had already gone home. They referred me to a locksmith, but they wanted $65 at least to help me out--No Thanks!! So we made due. Thankfully the girls had received PJs from Nana so that problem was solved easily. The next morning Nancy took me to the Honda place and they made me a "dummy" key for $5. It would only unlock the doors, but it was better than spending $65 and taking the chance of the locksmith breaking my locks in the process. I was ecstatic when the key worked!! And there were my keys; on the seat next to Melanie's carseat. I felt like a dummy! :)

We ended up having a great weekend with Nancy. Andy's sister Jennifer and her family were there until late Saturday afternoon. She and her husband have 3 girls, too. Nana took the grandgirls to the aquarium in Wichita that afternoon and then to McDonalds. They had a great time. We went to church Sunday morning, and then left after eating lunch at Village Inn. I thought about staying another day or two, but decided to go home. I didn't feel like doing laundry since I didn't really have extra clothes for the extra days. :)

This is Jimmy, Jennifer's husband. Melanie fell asleep on him Friday evening when Nancy took me to Wal-Mart to exchange a couple of things to get the right sizes. It was so cute I had to get a picture.
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Christmas at Neena and Papa Ewin's!

We usually go to my mom and dad's after we open gifts, eat breakfast, get dressed, etc. Unfortunately my dad had gotten sick on Christmas Eve and still didn't feel well Christmas day. So, we waited until about 3pm to show up for Christmas at their place. Melanie enjoyed a baby doll from her cousins. Anne and Naomi received Wii Outdoor Challenge from my parents. It's a really fun game to play. I believe it has been ranked up there with the Wii Fit. It can be quite the workout. The last 2 pictures are of soon-to-be nephews of mine, Tyler and Brad. They love the Texas Longhorns for reasons my brothers and Andy can't understand. So, I made them fleece blankets for Christmas. I can't sew, but I can cut and tie knots. :)

Just a little side note. The "spot" on Melanie's nose is from her meeting a coffee table at Aunt Marnie and Uncle Coye's the night before. I was just thankful it didn't cause her eyes to blacken.

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Christmas Morning!

I know these posts are way overdue, but I hope you enjoy them none the less. I have several posts with pictures almost ready to go, but I'll pace myself instead of posting them all at once. :)

To be honest I wasn't quite sure where we were going to end up spending Christmas. We were at my parents for 2 weeks prior because of hot water heater issues. Thankfully that got resolved, but we really didn't have the space in the 2 bedrooms we're living in to put up our Christmas tree. My mom had a 3.5 footer that we put up on Christmas Eve. I didn't get out any ornaments. We just put lights (also from my mom) and our star on top. I've threatened to decorate for Christmas when the house is done because I didn't get to during the Christmas season. :) Anne was the one worried about whether or not Santa would know where we were for sure. :) Who could blame her? :)

Anne with MP3 player.

Naomi opening up gift from Santa.

Even Melanie got into tearing open presents!
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Overdue Christmas Pageant Pictures!

Dec. 14th was the girls' Christmas pageant at church. It was a really good production. Both Naomi and Anne were angels. Anne is on the far right of the bottom row. Naomi is the last angel on the left on the bottom row.

I got to play offeratory at the end of the service. I played "Silent Night", and Anne sang with me the last time I played it through. It was precious. I wanted to start crying when she started singing. Such a good mother/daughter moment! It's a memory I'll never forget!
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