Saturday, January 3, 2009

Installing the Electrical Stuff!

Andy has been doing the electrical rough-in himself. It's taken longer than expected because we dealt with so much sickness when he first began. Then it was other issues, plus the holidays--Ugh! Anyway, he's pretty close to being finished. This past Saturday it got up to 70 degrees!! So I had the girls out in the house "helping." I was able to help Andy "daisy chain" electrical outlets in our master bedroom together. I also swept the floors of the rooms he was finished with. It felt good to get out there and help him.

Melanie just had fun walking around and through walls. She never tried to go up the stairs completely. She would only go up one or two and then get back down. She might have a heights issue like her mommy. She was filthy by the time she came back in the part of the house we are living in--needed a bath desperately.

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