Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Morning!

I know these posts are way overdue, but I hope you enjoy them none the less. I have several posts with pictures almost ready to go, but I'll pace myself instead of posting them all at once. :)

To be honest I wasn't quite sure where we were going to end up spending Christmas. We were at my parents for 2 weeks prior because of hot water heater issues. Thankfully that got resolved, but we really didn't have the space in the 2 bedrooms we're living in to put up our Christmas tree. My mom had a 3.5 footer that we put up on Christmas Eve. I didn't get out any ornaments. We just put lights (also from my mom) and our star on top. I've threatened to decorate for Christmas when the house is done because I didn't get to during the Christmas season. :) Anne was the one worried about whether or not Santa would know where we were for sure. :) Who could blame her? :)

Anne with MP3 player.

Naomi opening up gift from Santa.

Even Melanie got into tearing open presents!
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