Sunday, August 24, 2008

Now You See It, Now You Don't!

Here are more pictures of the destruction we've been doing. The first picture is what's left of the living room--NOT MUCH!!! I'm standing in the sun porch to take the picture. We have made a lot of progress this weekend!! Sometimes we can even get a glimpse of what the new addition might look like as we dismantle the old.

Now you see the wall...

Now you don't! You'll probably notice that in this picture the sheet rock is off the ceiling as well. This is when I started to be able to envision how open our new floor plan will be.
We still have so much to do, but we are getting closer all the time. Andy is going to call the guys for the footing this week to see when they can begin. The the framers will come when we've finished tearing apart this part of the house and the new footing is done. :) Fun times!
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our First Day of School!

Today is our first day of school!!! The girls were so excited!! They have been counting down the days till they could go to "real school." The map we are standing in front of is on the wall of the entrance to the school. The verse is part of the Great Commission. The First Baptist Church established Life Way Christian to help fullfill the Great Commission. As a social studies teacher I would love to have that map in my room! :) Right now I don't have any--something I will have to purchase SOON!

Anyway, Andy took time to bring them to school this morning so he could help take them to their classes. Otherwise, they will just ride with me to school. Naomi was chomping at the bit to get to her classroom. Anne became nervous, but did just fine. I think she was a little overwhelmed by the new faces and all the parents that were there this morning. I'm sure tomorrow won't seem so overwhelming to her. Thankfully, I was not a basket case. After all, I'm still in the same building with them for crying out loud! :)

These girls were so ready for school. They took no time getting dressed and eating breakfast this morning! You will not see them in "fad" clothing much because Life Way has a pretty strict dress code. I could give details, but they are too numerous. We had to do some serious school clothes shopping before school started. I was even at Gymboree after in-service yesterday purchasing belts for the girls. If they are wearing pants, capris, shorts, and they have belt loops a belt must be worn.

Here is Naomi with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Spencer.

Anne at her desk this morning.
It will be a great year full of new experiences for all of us. I'm so excited that they will be receiving a Christ-centered education, something we feel that God has pressed upon our hearts to do. I can't wait to hear about their day on the way home!
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sorry, No Pictures!

I'm sorry that I haven't had any pictures lately, but here's an update on the house. Andy is still bustin' up stuff! Tearing up the concrete is a slow but sure process. This past Thursday night we received a fifth wheel to live in courtesy of our youth pastor. Friday a window company came and took all of our windows, but two (the bedroom ones). They are going to store them for us, and then put them back in for us when it is time. We all slept in the fifth wheel last night because the house was terribly hot with all the windows gone! Today Andy and our worship leader, Terrill, put plywood up where the windows used to be. Since the inside isn't gutted out, yet, we are going to stay in the house. With the plywood up we are able to run the air-conditioner and stay where there is more room for the girls to play and Melanie to crawl around. I still plan to continue to pack things away. Tomorrow afternoon I'm hoping to complete the kitchen so that everything is out of the cabinets.

Another update...I found out Friday morning that I have adult acquired flatfoot deformity! A few weeks ago I saw our doctor complaining of ankle pain. Through the process found out that I had high cholesterol and that I would have to see a orthopedic surgeon about my ankle. Thankfully this can be corrected. Tuesday morning I go to get fitted for orthotics--inserts for my shoes. I also get to go to physical therapy 3 times/week for a couple of months. The Dr. is positive that this should reverse the deformity, but if the symptoms don't go away in a couple of months then surgery could be required. Right now it's primarily affecting my left ankle, but the doctor said it's just a matter of time for the right ankle. In talking with my dad today he figures my grandmother, his mom, suffered from this as well. Unfortunately she never had anything done about it. I'm just glad that it can be taken care of.

BTW, I got up Friday morning and walked, too!! :) Yeah me!