Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I was deeply moved by Fearless. This is my first book by Author Eric Blehm. Upon completion of the book I can understand why God picked him to write this book for the Brown family. In my opinion Eric exposed the true heart of Adam Brown and his loving family. I was drawn to this book since I am both a Navy Vet and an Arkansan.

I cried and laugh throughout the entire book. You are hit right way with the reality that Adam will give his life for his country. Then on the first page of chapter one you read the words of a true hero. A warrior that knows one day he may not come home and has to say good bye to his children in a letter no warrior wants to be delivered.

I am thankful Eric cover Adam’s life from his birth. Adam’s parents, Larry and Janice Brown, work hard to provide for their family. Making sacrifices all middle to low income American’s make to raise a family. From birth Adam was Fearless. Climbing anything he could find and seeing how high he could go. While Adam was more than willing to pushes the boundaries of his physical abilities. He was also mindful of others. As a teenager Adam was quick to break from the crowd when they did something he knew his parents didn’t want him to do. One example while Adam was sleeping over at a friend’s house. Most of the boys decided to sneak out. Adam stayed behind. When asked by the friends Dad why Adam didn’t go with the boys, Adam replied, “My parents told me not to leave the house without permission, sir”.

Adam was drawn to team sports after watching his older brother Shawn play Football. He could not wait for his chance to be on the High School Football. Being a part of a team provide Adam with a purpose and direction. Upon completely High School, most of Adam’s friend’s went off to college. Adam did not have a plan. Thankfully God did have a plan for Adam’s. The next six years of Adam’s life would be a tough time for him and his family. Adam would end up stealing from his family and friends. Finally Adam’s parents had Adam arrested. Something Larry and Janice describe as being the hardest thing they ever had to do. During this tough time Larry turned to God for strength. Larry committed his Life to Christ. God led Larry and Janice to a loving church family that supported them through this tough time. After completing a yearlong drug rehab program Adam met Kelley Tippy during an evening out with Friends. Kelley would help Adam find his purpose in life.

Adam and Kelley married just before entering the Navy. Adam enlisted with the goal of becoming a Navy Seal. Adam had regained his sense of purpose and direction. During the next few years of training Adam and Kelley had a son and a daughter.

Fearless is a perfect description of Adam Brown. Adam to faced challenges his entire life. He never once thought about quitting or giving in. Even when he lost the use of one eye, had his hand damaged in a Humvee accident, or felt the calling of his drug addiction.

Fearless is a gripping story of how one family overcame great pain with the help of God. The loss of Adam was devastating. They know that one day they will see him again in Heaven.
Waterbrook Multinomah Publishing provided me with a free copy of this book through their Blogging For Books program.  I did not need to provide a positive or negative review.