Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inquiring Minds...!

Good Morning, once again! I'm sure you are anxiously waiting with bated breath as to whether or not I got my rear end out of bed this morning. I am proud to say that I MOST CERTAINLY DID!!!! Although, at the same time, I do have to admit, that I did not want to. I came up with a myriad of reasons after I quieted my cell phone alarm. Deep down I knew I would regret it the entire day if I didn't. So, once again, donning shorts and a tank top, I put my shoes on and headed out the door. It was a little cooler this morning. While they were calling for a chance of rain none of it greeted me this morning.

My primary excuse for not getting out of bed this morning would have been how I feel--run down and my throat really hurts. I first really felt my throat hurting yesterday, but thought that is was from a bad bout with heartburn the night before. Unfortunately I think it might be strep. A couple of weeks ago when I found out my cholesterol was high I also found out that my strep count was even higher. They swabbed my throat with a q-tip, but I haven't heard anything about the results from that. I figured no news was good news so I didn't give it another thought. Since then Anne was the first to fever for a couple of days before complaining of a sore throat. I gave her Tylenol for sore throats for a couple of days, and that seemed to do it for her. Naomi complained of not feeling well a few days after that, but didn't have much of a fever. She did say her throat hurt, and I could tell by her coughing that she was congested. I gave her the same meds as Anne, but it hasn't seemed to be quite as effective. I also wondered if it was allergy related so I bought her Zyrtec yesterday, but I'm thinking a trip to the clinic might be warranted. Melanie had a fever yesterday evening--I'm really hoping and praying over her that she doesn't get the sore throat that seems to be plaguing the rest of us. I'm so thankful that Anne seems to be well. Andy hasn't been able to escape it, either. He stated that his throat was sore last night.

On a more positive note...I picked up a copy of the new Third Day CD "Revolution." LifeWay Christian bookstores were have a pre-buy promotion that I participated in. For $7.99 I received not only the new CD, but a Third Day T-shirt and a coupon for $5 off my next purchase. So when I picked up the Third Day CD I also bought a Big Daddy Weave CD. I have really been enjoying some of their songs on the radio so I decided to use my $5 coupon on that. The "Revolution" CD is pretty good. I haven't had a chance to listen to my new Big Daddy Weave, yet. I'll probably enjoy that one today while I'm trying to get more packing done. MY HOUSE IS SUCH A MESS!!!!

I've been thinking today that I might need to change the title of my blog. :) I started realizing that it's title is "My Three Princesses," but not much has been said about them. Maybe I should have titled it, "My Three Princesses and the Ramblings of the Queen!"

Good day to all!

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