Saturday, July 19, 2008

Health Update

The results are in from my blood work. Drum roll please...... My cholesterol is 213--normal is 100-199. Nothing a little diet and exercise can't cure. My triglycerides are fine, but the overall cholesteral level is high. So I'll go back in 3 months to have my cholesterol checked again. Along with diet and exercise the nurse recommended that I take an omega-3 supplement. I used to in the past, but quit after I had Melanie. The nurse said that is has been known to help reduce cholesterol numbers.

I also have strep! My throat doesn't hurt, and I don't feel any symptoms. The nurse said that I could be a carrier. My number for strep was 284--normal is 100-200! The nurse practitioner said that if it goes untreated for too long, then it can cause rhuematic heart disease! Thankfully the nurse was a little more positive about it. When she did a strep throat culture I asked what I could do about it. She said it's treatable with antibiotics. They are supposed to call when the results from the throat culture come back. Good grief!!

They don't know why my ankle continues to be painful--my original reason for going to the clinic in the first place. So they are recommending me to an orthopedic surgeon, and will call me back on Monday with an appointment for that.

Since exercise is a little difficult with a painful left ankle I'm doing the best I can with "diet." I'm also back to taking an omega-3 supplement. Fun times! :)

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