Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Footing and Blockwork

These are not the most recent pictures I have, but I wanted to try to give a little idea of the addition we are doing. The first picture is the front view of our home. The new garage footing is what is sticking out front. You should also be able to tell how much we are adding to the side of the house. I might not look like too much, but it will make a huge difference!

The second picture is taken from the front of the sun porch (where it used to be). You can see that the roof is gone as well as the walls that were separating the living room, kitchen.

The third picture is of the door that is leading to the rooms that we are currently living in. We use the 5th wheel for kitchen purposes and in few days shower/bath/hot water needs. It will be awesome to be able to spread back out from those rooms when the house is done! Feel free to email questions. I'm sure I'm leaving out many details.

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