Sunday, October 12, 2008

Costume Idea!!!

Anne and Naomi have been princesses for the last three years for Halloween. This year, I wanted them to be something different, but I wasn't sure what. I hadn't really discussed it with them, yet, because I was a little fearful of finding out what they wanted to be. I just can't stand the thought of spending a large sum of money (in my opinion) for something that they may only wear once!! Plus, I figure there will be enough Hannah Montana's, Miley Cyrus', and girls from the High School Musical cast running around that night! :)

Anyway, Anne was invited to a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. You can see from the picture it was a "ballerina" party. Anne is wearing the long pink tutu. Actually, the party was at a dance studio that the birthday girl attended on a regular basis. The instructor was there to teach the girls a dance to perform for the parents at the end of the party. It was very cute, and the girls had a blast wearing the tutus. I started to examine the tutus more closely while the birthday girl was opening gifts. They were made very simply!! In fact, there is basically no sewing involved with these tutus--my kind of costume!!! :) They were made with a circle of elastic. I can hand stitch two ends of elastic together!! Then strips of tulle were tied to the elastic. I can tie!! I asked the girls (Anne and Naomi) if they would like to be ballerinas for Halloween--SOLD!! This next week I plan to let them pick out their color(s) of tulle for their tutu. They already have leotards from gymnastics and house shoes that resemble ballerina slippers. I might even let them help me "tie" the tulle for their tutus! This was such an exciting discovery!!! It ranks right up there with the fleece blankets you can make by knotting the "fringe."

Then there's Melanie...I still have the pumpkin outfit from Old Navy that both Anne and Naomi wore. If it's too big for her, then I'll make a little tutu for her as well. She has plenty of long-sleeved onesies and tights to wear with it! :)
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Emily said...

I had planned on making those for the girls last year for Christmas, but ran out of time! Maybe I'll put that on my to-do list for this year! :)

Patty said...

I wanted to come by and wish you a Happy Birthday. I know it is tomorrow but I am here a day early. I will be drawing the birthday winner this weekend at my Siesta Fiesta blog!!

Have a great birthday and weekend!