Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Roller Coasters!!!

Here are just a handful of the roller coasters that were ridden that day. Andy and the girls (minus Melanie) rode most of them. I rode my first "adult" roller coaster, the Texas Giant. Needless to say I will NEVER ride a wooden roller coaster again! My neck and left shoulder paid most of the price. A chiropractic visit and a week's worth of healing, and it's feeling much better. :) Andy and I took turns riding the mild rides with the girls so that we could both have fun with them. The third picture is Andy coming off of the Batman ride. The last picture is just a portion of that ride. He also rode Mr. Freeze. He had to ride those without the girls because of height requirements. The lines were too long for the Titan and Superman. Oh well.

We're playing with the idea of going to Six Flags in St. Louis, but we're not sure when. Emily, I'll let you know if we do for sure. :) We had a FANTASTIC time and can hardly wait to do it again.

BTW, Andy is using our experience there as rationale for a 4th child. He figures if we go ahead and have a fourth, in the future everyone would have a buddy to ride rides with. (Most of the roller coasters sat two side by side.):) I'm thinking they can take turns bringing a friend. :) I guess we'll see. :)

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Emily said...

Come on up!! :):):) We've never taken the girls to Six Flags (they are big chickens anyway!!).