Monday, April 14, 2008

Naomi's 5th Birthday party!

This picture is of Naomi at her birthday party at the Jones' Center in Springdale last Sunday, April 6. My mom has pictures of them swimming that I will try to get a hold of later. This party kicked off our whirlwind of activities. As soon as this party was over we ran back home to drop off party stuff and put our suitcases and other necessities in the van. Then off we went to Dallas, TX, for the week!! Andy had a class to attend, and the girls and I got to tag along for a suedo-vacation. I also have family that live there so we enjoyed spending time with them as well. I'll fill in the details throughout the week instead of bombarding you all with it now. We are just glad to be home now. Although, I do miss the maid service! LOL!! More pictures to come!!!
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