Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Grand Finale--SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS!!

Okay, I'm trying this post again. For some reason I wasn't able to see the pictures yesterday or today. While posting all seemed fine, but anyway--who knows!

We had the best time at Six Flags!!! We got there shortly after the gates opened and stayed until 10 min. before the gates closed that night. The girls enjoyed riding the roller coasters that they were tall enough for. Melanie was fantastic all day!!! I'll be posting more pictures from Six Flags later.

The first picture is of Andy and the girls on one of the kiddee rides in the Looney Toons park. We didn't stay there for long. The girls had their sights set on "more fun" rides. The second picture is of I and the girls on a batman kiddee ride. The third and fourth pictures show how Melanie spent her day. When she was in the pack with Andy she got a lot of attention from other people who thought she was "SO CUTE!" Of course she is!!!

We had such a great time that we are thinking of going to the Six Flags in St. Louis sometime this year, too.

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