Monday, December 3, 2007

Our Branson Trip!

What a weekend! I wasn't quite sure if I was being brave or crazy while we were traveling to Branson, but it turned out to be a terrific time!! I haven't been to Branson, let alone Silver Dollar City, since Anne was 3 months old. It has changed quite a bit since then.

We left late Friday morning and arrived at our cabin early afternoon. After unloading the van we left for Silver Dollar City. Anne and Naomi had no idea of what was in store for them!! They thoroughly enjoyed the kiddie ride area!! Their favorite was the roller coaster. They would ride that several times in a row. There was an elephant ride that they enjoyed on Friday. They could make the elephant go higher by pushing a button. We went back to SDC on Saturday, but they weren't allowed to ride the elephant ride. The man told them that they weren't tall enough and would need an adult. My oldest daughter, Anne, put up a good defense, though. She told him, "But I'm 11 feet tall." :) I think she also tried to convince the guy that Naomi was 10 feet tall. Bless their hearts.

Even my mom enjoyed the frog ride with the girls! :)

The parade came through twice at 6pm and 8pm. The girls got to see it both times. The first time I was was feeding Melanie (SDC has nursing stations--yeah!) and didn't get to see the girls enjoy the parade. But I got to see it at 8pm with them. We were standing by a food cart by ourselves so the girls got a lot of attention from the characters in the parade.

I'm so glad that it worked out for us to go. We're planning to go again next year on the first weekend of December and would like to make it an anual event. Although we'll plan to stay a little longer so that we can enjoy shopping at the outlet malls, too.
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