Friday, December 28, 2007

Melanie's Two Month Stats!

This morning was Melanie's two month appt. She is growing so well. Now she is 14.5 lbs., 24 inches long, and her head is 16 inches. Andy made the comment that her head still isn't as big as Anne's was when Anne was born (18 inches--trust me, I know). :) I plan to take Melanie to get her 2 month shots next week. They would have given them to her at our Dr.'s office, but I prefer to take her to the County Health Clinic. Our Dr. advised us to do this when Anne was born for two reasons: 1. it's cheaper--always a plus, and 2. the children hate going to that clinic, but not our family doctor's office. :) Our Dr. also commented that if she continues to keep growing at this rate she will be as tall as her Mommy! The determining factor is puberty. Thankfully we have a while before that happens. :)

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