Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Gentry Christmas Parade

Tonight was the Gentry Christmas parade. The weather was a little frightful. :) Actually, the picture makes it look worse than it really was. Believe it or not that's just drizzle falling, but the flash on my camera made it look like snow--I wish! Our Awana program let all the kids that wanted to ride on the float. Our daughter, Anne, is the angel on the left in the back of the truck. Naomi is more difficult to see, but she's on the trailer behind the truck. Both girls were so excited about getting to be in the parade. This was Anne's second parade. She was able to be on the gymnastics float last weekend in the Siloam Springs parade.
Then Santa was at the old Carl gym in town so that kids could have their picture taken with him. Anne jumped at the chance. She had already had her picture taken with another Santa at Wal-Mart earlier today. :)
Naomi wasn't as excited about Santa as Anne was, but finally conceded to having her picture taken with him.
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