Saturday, November 15, 2008

The House is Dried In!

Okay, here are recent pictures of the house. These were taken just a few minutes ago. It's cloudy and very cold here. Andy installed the french doors in the back of the house today. We have two skylights in the roof over the living area. The second picture is a view from the northeast corner of the house.

Sorry about the temporary electric pole and what's left of our gazebo obstructing the view a little. Andy added the dormers to the floor plans to give us more room in the loft and media room. It definitely did the trick. The plumbing rough-in is complete. Hopefully the HVAC guys will be finished this week. Then electrical rough-in will begin. Next is an inspection and then sheet rock! I'm not sure when siding will be put on, but we are going with James Hardy cement board siding. We would love to do brick, but it's too expensive. Anyway, we're ordering the siding in white since we haven't really been able to settle on a color other than white. :)
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Emily said...

WOW! It looks awesome!

I see a trip to AR in our very near future! :)

Lori Boyd said...

We become more and more excited with every bit of progress that is made. You will definitely be welcome when it is finished. Right now I'm not sure whent that will be, but I'll keep you posted!