Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beginning Framing!

More pictures that are long overdue. I have to add that our house is pretty far beyond this point. In these pictures you will only see up to the first floor framed. Now the house is completely dried in. The plumbers and HVAC have been doing their rough in and should be finished soon. Then I think the electrical rough in begins. I'll try to get pictures taken ASAP and post soon.

Yes, we are living in the portion of the house that is partly covered in black plastic. We've only been using the fifth wheel now for kitchen purposes.

The second picture is the new 2 car garage. I guess I should also add that we are proud owners of a Honda Odyssey now. That's the portion of the van you see in the second picture. I love it!!
In the last picture our master bedroom is on the left where the 2 window opening are. The dining area is where the french doors and larger window opening is.
They got the house framed in about 9 days. They started on a Thursday and finished the following Saturday, I think. I might be a little fuzzy on the time line since it's been a little while since they were here. Again, I'll try to get pictures taken tomorrow and post those ASAP! We don't have siding on, yet, but it looks quite different!
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