Friday, July 3, 2009

Introducing Andrew Ethan Boyd!!!

We finally have a boy!!!! Andrew Ethan Boyd was born at 8:35am on June 26, 2009. He weighed 10lbs. 2oz. and was 20 inches long. He came by way of c-section, and the doctor commented that he almost didn't make the incision long enough to get his head through. :) Then when he felt how heavy he was he exclaimed that he thought Andrew was a 10 pounder. Then my anesthesiologist, not to be outdone, exclaimed, "10-1!" It was quite funny because then the rest of the OR staff started chiming in their thoughts on his weight. As much as I was not looking forward to the procedure I was glad to be awake through it all. I wouldn't have wanted to miss a moment!!!

Andrew is one week old now, and just as sweet as ever. He has already worked himself into a wonderful routine. He has already spoiled me, too. He has slept 6-7 hours straight for the past two nights!! The girls just love him, and are always asking to hold him. I know I'm really going to have a hard time leaving him when it's time to get into the swing of school.

The first picture was taken in the nursery right after he was born. Pic #2 was later that day in my room. Pic #3 was taken Sunday just before we were released to go home, and pic #4 was taken at home. He's a belly baby, too. I'll have to post this one next to one I have of Melanie. They look very similar.Posted by Picasa

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