Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Girl Bed and a Razorback Fan!

Here are a couple of pictures of Melanie and her big girl bed. Andy's mom came down for a few days after we had Drew. She offered to us a bunk bed set. It's a twin/full combination, but unlike the one the girls have, it comes apart (top from bottom). The one that Anne and Naomi has does not. So when we get the old master room cleaned out the bunk beds that don't come apart will go in Anne's "new" room. Naomi will use the full size part of the bunk beds from Andy's mom, and Melanie is currently using the twin size part. Thankfully since it's the top part the railing comes really high above the mattress so we don't have to worry about her falling off. She's been doing really well sleeping in it, but every once in a while points to the crib.

Of course I couldn't resist posting a pic of our newest Razorback fan. :) I took this when he was about 2 1/2 weeks old, I think. He'll be one month old this Sunday!
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