Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Firstborn Princess Turns 7!!!

Anne's 7th birthday is today!!!!

She had a bowling party this past Saturday, and it was a BLAST!!! It's been one of the best ideas for a birthday party I've had, yet! Since our house is under construction it's really not fit for entertaining guests! LOL!! The Gentry bowling alley is really nice and clean. The people that own it were great, and I just couldn't beat the price!!

She wanted to invite her ENTIRE class!! I wasn't sure if any would actually come because of the distance between Bentonville and Gentry, but 4 from her class did come. One family made an afternoon of it for themselves and bowled on their own lane while they were there. A few girls from church came as well as her cousins. It was such a fun time! Andy did an awesome job during the whole party as well. He managed the kids as they were bowling, as well as other things, but managing the kids was HUGE to me. It allowed me time to visit with the parents from school and get to know them better. Naomi wants to have a bowling party, now! ;)

Since today is her actual birthday we are going to celebrate once again by letting her open her gift from us, and mom is getting pizza to eat at her place. My parents have been FANTASTIC to us while our house is under construction!

Happy Birthday Anne!! You are loved TREMENDOUSLY!
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Emily said...

Happy Birthday Anne Renee!

I can't believe you are 7!!

Edwards Family said...

Happy Birthday Anne!