Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Girls!

Here are some fun pictures of the girls! The first picture of Melanie is on our trip to KS a couple of weekends ago. She loves to entertain and be the center of attention!! She first was playing peek-a-boo with Anne using her "burpie." Then it evolved into Mel just putting the "burpie" on her head to make us all laugh. I couldn't resist the pictures.

The second picture is at the girls' gymnastics class. Melanie enjoyed standing at the cubbies and cruising along side them. She has recently taken a couple of steps, but nothing more than that, yet.

The third picture is of Anne at gymnastics. She did a bridge-kickover for the first time at her last lesson. She can do it unassisted on the "cheese" mat. (It's shaped like a wedge of cheese.) It got the owner's attention. So, the owner (pictured with Anne above) took her to the bar to try a tummy roll, but Anne had some difficulty with that. There are a few things the kids have to master before moving onto the next level. Anne only has a couple more to do!!

Naomi just started gymnastics in August. We had wanted to put her in dance originally, but since that's in another town, and we are in Centerton for school, it was just going to be more driving and busy-ness than I cared to manage this year. She is enjoying it, though, and her form is improving.
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