Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy Melanie!

Melanie has been busy crawling around and exploring the house. While I was making dinner yesterday she ventured into the dining area. Don't worry the shredder is off and unplugged. Thankfully she didn't start taking out all the shredded paper. :) The last picture is her latest discovery--behind the couch! Monday night was the first time she ventured back there, but was crying when she did it. Yesterday she crawled back there on purpose. She crawled most of the length of the couch and managed to turn around and attempt to crawl out. She only got frustrated when her arm got caught on the lamp cord. Silly girl!! I wonder what adventures await her today. :)

After looking at that second picture longer I'm thinking that my mom has a picture of me with that same look on my face. I'll have to raid her albums this weekend to find out.

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