Friday, June 13, 2008


I finally figured out how to add a weight loss tracker to my blog!!! YEAH ME!! My inspiration comes from Emily, my best friend from college. She has one on her blog so I checked out the website. After a few tries I finally figured out how to add it to my blog!! I'm not as computer savy as I would like to think. :) Anyway, I think this will be a great visual for me and help me keep trying to get the weight off!!

I have really struggled with my weight the most after giving birth to our girls. I became a member of Weight Watchers after having Naomi, and I lost a lot of weight!! Unfortunately I quit before I reached my goal because we got busy, and I was missing meetings. After having Melanie I knew I needed to go back to Weight Watchers if I was going to get rid of the weight again. I struggled with the decision for a while. I figured if we were going to have a fourth child why bother losing the weight. I was only going to put it back on, and then have to start all over again. Then Andy helped point out that if we do end up having a fourth it would be better for me to lose some weight so that I would be healthier for the pregnancy. Point taken. Plus, it's no fun to try on maternity clothes only to find out that they don't carry them in plus sizes except online! Ugh! Let me just interject that I AM NOT PREGNANT. This was just part of the thought process.

So now I'm in WW. I still struggle with making the right eating choices. I've decided to abstain from ice cream until the end of June--baby steps. Staying home makes it harder because food is such easy access. Thankfully I don't keep a lot of junk food in the house, but if I make cookies it's all over. I have a really hard time with self-control.

As far as exercise goes...I would love to walk in the early morning, but when Melanie wakes up at 0'dark thirty it's hard to want to get out of bed to go walking an hour later. I know it's all about discipline--something I desperately need to work on. I do like to walk in the evenings when it's a little cooler. Most times the girls will go with me either on their bikes, or Anne likes to "roll" on her heelys. So, I'm getting some exercise in.

Okay, that was a long post just to really say that I was excited about figuring out how to add the weight loss tracker. :) Have a blessed day!


Emily said...

Way to go! 10lbs is great!!

Have you heard of Skinny Cow ice cream? They have ice cream sandwiches and big, thick Fudge Bars. They are HUGE and only 2 points. Might be worth checking out to give into your ice cream craving!!

Natasha said...

I love Skinny Cow Ice Cream! Its really good and I think you would love it.