Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Making Some Comparisons!

It's just now midnight, and I should be in bed already. Unfortunately late night is the only time I have to myself right now. Anyway, I was procrastinating going to bed by looking through pictures on my laptop, and I came across these similar pictures. It's always amazing how fast babies grow. She is now getting into 6-9 month clothes. They are a little long in the sleeves, but great in the length. Melanie is starting to try to reach out and grasp things, laugh, and make more sounds. She'll have her next well baby check up next week.

The first picture was taken just days after she was born. She was asleep in the pack-n-play in the sunporch because she was slightly jaundiced. The second picture was taken around the 3.5 month mark while she slept in her crib. She sleeps on her belly the best.

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