Friday, January 25, 2008

Fire Station Field Trip!

The girls got to go to the Fire Station in Siloam Springs this afternoon. The elementary coordinator for the homeschool group had arranged for only one time for 60 kids, but since there was such an overwhelming response had to arrange a second time. The girls had a good time. Naomi didn't want to go through the ambulance, but later went through the cab of the ladder truck. Since the trucks were inside the station they didn't turn on the sirens, but they did turn on the lights for the kids.

Anne going through the ambulance.

The girls by the ladder truck.

Fire fighter Naomi!

This is the group we toured the fire station with. The morning group had as many kids!

We were able to tour through the station as well to see the pole the fire fighter slid down, where they slept, the kitchen, etc. It was the newest station that Siloam had built, and I was impressed with how nice it was. On the way home from the field trip the girls and I were able to discuss a fire plan for our own home. I'm really glad we had the chance to go in spite of how cold it was outside. :)
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