Saturday, October 13, 2007

Right Choices Corn Maze!

Let me just start by saying, "WHAT A DAY!!" Today I took the girls to a corn maze in Southwest City, MO. We all had a great time!!! There was so much to do there. We were there all afternoon. We could have easily stayed during the evening as well with all there was to do. If you'd like to check out the website it is:

Here the girls are standing at the beginning of the corn maze. I let them choose if they wanted to do the short or the long. Of course, they wanted to do the long one. The time estimated to complete the long one was 30 minutes. Let me remind those of you reading this I have only 13 days till my due date. :)

I let the girls each pick out a pumpkin. We'll carve one of them, and the other I plan to scoop out. I'd like to roast the seeds and bake the meat to use for bread or pie. We'll see how ambitious I am. I think it would be an awesome thing for the girls to experience.

We didn't get lost too many times. :) The girls had such a great time. I can't wait to take them again.

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