Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Remodeling Bathrooms!

We have been remodeling various rooms in the house to get it ready to sell. We started with knocking a wall out in the living room, changing the paint color, and putting up white trim. Then we started on the two bathrooms. The pictures below are of our 3/4 bathroom in the master bedroom. We gutted the whole thing out. The only pieces that will go back in are the toilet and sink/vanity.

The shop vac is where the sink/vanity will go. We will change the light fixture to a more updated one. The focus of all our remodeling is updating the look.

There used to be a wall between the new corner shower and the drain for the toilet. We enjoyed knocking out the wall in the living room so much that we knocked one out in here as well. The bathroom is pretty small so now with the wall gone it feels a little bigger--hopefully that will help it sell!

This is the new corner shower. I'm so excited with how much it improved the look and feel of the bathroom. It was difficult to get good shots of this bathroom because of it's small size. Andy has already textured the walls. Now I get to prime and paint before he puts in the ceramic tile, toilet, and sink/vanity. I'm so excited that this bathroom is almost complete! We've been down to just the main bathroom for all of us since the beginning of May, I think. :)
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