Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Couple of Funny Videos!

A friend of ours sent these videos to us via email today, and I couldn't resist putting them on the blog. I needed a good laugh today. Even though we are home schooling, the girls still needed to get their shots. I took them this morning, and they each had to get four--two in each leg!! I was about ready to cry with them. Anne was a trooper! She only wimpered. Naomi was a little different story. :) They both said they definitely didn't want to go there again! When I told them we'd have to take the new baby sometime after she is born they were both horrified. Thankfully I took them to the county clinic instead of our own doctor. I'd rather them have an aversion for the county clinic than our family doctor. So after all of that I welcomed the laugh these two videos brought. What's even more is that Naomi and I are going to make brownies tonight!! HA!

Of course, I laughed more at the Math911 because of my middle school math background!!

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