Friday, July 15, 2011

About that list...

I didn't chicken out!!  I went to JBU and worked out this morning.  I somehow managed to get through week 4 day 1 of C25K!!!  Warm-up--no problem...3 min run @ 6 mph--success...90 sec walk @ 3.5 mph--no problem...5 min run started at  6 mph for the first 2 min, but had to slow to 5.5 mph to finish the interval--still a success, I'd say...2.5 min walk @ 3.5 mph--no problem...3 min run @ 6 mph had to slow to 5.5 mph then brisk walk @ 4 mph for the last 90 sec of it...90 sec walk @ 3.5 mph--no problem...last 5 min run @ 6 mph quickly got slowed to 5.5 mph.  Had to slow to 4 mph brisk walk after 90 sec of running for about 90 sec, but then finished the last two min with a 5.5 mph run...Cool down @ 3.5 mph--was ever so thankful I made it through.  This has not been the easiest thing I've ever done, nor the hardest, but I'm glad I'm continuing the program.  Still wondering when I'm going to get that "second wind."  :)

Now onto yesterday's list...the Wal-Mart trip was a success.  The kids were pretty good in spite of the fact that Drew and Melanie did not have a nap and it was indeed nap time!  I even managed to stay within budget! :)  Dentist appointments were successful as far as behavior.  It was Melanie's first time, and she acted like a pro! Even the hygienist was impressed. :)  Unfortunately Anne has 4 cavities that have to be taken care of, and Naomi has two.  Naomi has weak enamel on her permanent molars, and it looks like she's going to get a couple of crowns out of the deal.  Andy took care of dinner--leftovers, hot dogs, and mac-n-cheese--since I had WW (1/2 lb loss).  After the kids were in bed Andy and I did watch the Harry Potter movie.  Well, I should say I watched the movie.  Andy fell asleep during it.  I'm excited about watching Part 2 tonight!

As for the rest of the's my new list for today (don't worry I won't bore you with a list everyday, but it is my blog. :))
1.  Occasions--still need to get a bday gift for SIL.
2.  Load of laundry--the gift that keeps on giving no matter the holiday.
3.  Master suite--will start somewhere, even if just a corner!!
4.  Curriculum mapping--I'm not pressing my luck.  Maybe I'll just look at it. :)
5.  Nap!!!!  I'm going on very little sleep, but managing.  Definitely planning to nap while the little ones are doing the same.  The dog might have to go in her kennel and everyone go down for a nap. :)

Once again thankful for God's mercy!!  "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  They shall run and not grow weary.  They shall walk and not faint."  

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