Thursday, April 16, 2009

Naomi Turned 6!

Naomi turned 6 at the end of March! Sometimes I can hardly believe it!! Since our house is not finished we had her birthday bash at a nearby hotel. They offered a birthday package complete with use of the indoor pool, a suite for 1 night, and use of the eating area for partying. So, Naomi had a swim/slumber party for her birthday. Naomi loved it, and all the girls seemed to have a good time.

It all started with the swim party from 4-6pm. Then they dried off and gathered in the common eating area for pizza, birthday, cake and presents. Afterwards I took the girls to the suite for the slumber party. Thankfully my two nieces, Loren and Aspen, helped me with all of this. I'm not sure that I would have made it through the whole thing without them. In the suite we all changed into PJs and made name bracelets. Then the girls watched a Barbie movie to settle down before sleeping. The girls were all asleep by 11pm!! :)

The next morning we went back to the eating area for the free continental breakfast provided by the hotel. The girls' were all picked up by 10am.

From left to right: Anne, Loren, Melanie, Naomi, and Aspen. Melanie enjoyed swimming so much!! She's a fish just like my other two!!
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