Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Dentist Visit

The girls had their first dentist visit today!! I took them to a pediatric dentist. As you can see Anne got to play games while waiting. It was fun to watch her because we don't have a Play Station or anything like that. Naomi was playing on other toys.

Anne did such a good job while the hygenist cleaned her teeth. It also helped that she could watch Nick, Jr. on the TV screen above her head, and listen to it on head phones. :)

Naomi started out okay, but that quickly changed!! They put some purple stuff on her teeth to check how well she was brushing. I'm not sure if that scared her, or what, but she was off that table quickly. I had to finish brushing her teeth for the hygenist. It got more interesting when the dentist wanted to check her teeth, but we managed. Hopefully it will all go better in 6 months!

Anne had a great time, and it shows. She even did great when they took x-rays of her teeth. She seemed to enjoy the whole process. Naomi's picture with the dentist didn't turn out so great. :) Maybe next time.
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Emily said...

Is it just me or is that dentist pretty cute?? Or dentist is cute, too! I'll have to take his picture next time...lol!!