Friday, September 14, 2007

Benton Co. Fair

This week is Benton Co. Fair week. Today they let school groups in for free, and the kiddie rides were free until noon!! The home school group that Andy and I joined met this morning to attend the fair as a school group. The girls had a BLAST!!!!! My jaws became sore through the morning because of all the smiling and laughing the girls and I did!! We were there for about 3 hours! I even held up rather well in spite of the fact that I'm due in 6 weeks!
The girls really enjoyed petting the animals. Anne liked it more than Naomi, but she pet a few, too. Although, she was ready to leave the building because of the smell--Naomi is such a girl! :)
This young man let the girls pet and feed his cow by hand. Even Naomi got into the action.
Of course, what would a fair be without a carousel. I even rode this one, but I sat on one of th benches. Could you imagine me 8 months pregnant on a horse--LOL!
The girls enjoyed feeling like they were flying on this ride. I'm not sure I would have ridden it at their age. I was so proud of them today. They rode every ride available to them. I was really impressed with how much they wanted to try anything. I can't wait to take them next year!!
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