Friday, August 6, 2010

Andrew's first year!

It's hard to believe that Andrew is over 1 year old now!!! I know these pics are a long time coming, but they don't do him justice. He's got more hair on his head than the last pic gives him credit for. He loves to walk! He also loves to eat anything we do as long as it's soft enough. He has about 6 teeth--3 on top and 3 on bottom. The tooth on the left side of his middle teeth on top and bottom are almost through. They are coming in differently than they did on the girls. Your nap times have been anything but routine until this past week. We had your shots updated yesterday, so today you are taking a morning nap. I'm hoping you'll take an afternoon nap, but we'll see. :) You and Melanie play pretty well. At least, until she decides to lay on you for whatever reason. I've been trying to limit how long you have your paci between sleeping, and Melanie loves to help with that as well, much to your chagrin. You are such a cutie, and I'm so happy God decided to bless us with you!Posted by Picasa

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