Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Much Better Experience!

Yesterday the girls had their 6 month check up at the dentist. I knew Anne would be a good patient, but I was a little leary about how Naomi was going to be. I started talking (warning) to Naomi about the appointment 2 weeks ago. She kept assuring me that she would be good. I also made sure that the appointments were scheduled for mid-morning or later, not first thing like they were last time. Naomi is not necessarily "Miss Sunshine" in the morning, if you know what I mean. :) Well, Naomi was a GREAT patient!!! She also had an awesome hygienist who was really good with her. The hygienist she had last time didn't handle Naomi's reactions very well. They only cleaned her teeth this time. Usually they put purple dye on them to show them the plaque, then clean, and then take x-rays. Miss Donna was very insightful and decided to only clean. (I think the dyeing of the teeth is when Naomi started freaking out last time. They made the mistake of showing them too her, and off the table she came!) Next time they'll add one of the other things. She wanted to make sure it was a postive experience and not push it too much.

Here's Naomi enjoying watching Dora while they cleaned her teeth. You can see she's actually smiling a little bit. :)

This was Naomi with the dentist last September. This time she willing opened her mouth so that he could look at and count her teeth!! I was so excited. I let her pick where we ate lunch afterwards--Applebees!!

Both girls are waiting to see the dentist. He was quite busy so it took quite a while. I let Naomi take her Webkinz dog, Princess, with her to hold onto if needed.
Anne goes back on Tuesday for sealants on her 6 year molars. Otherwise both girls had good checkups and are good until this September!! Yeah!
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