Friday, June 8, 2007

Christmas in June--almost!

We had some excitement in the middle of our week! I had ordered Anne's home schooling curriculum from Sonlight this past Sunday, and it came in!!!! I was so thrilled! It was almost as good as Christmas!! Anne was thrilled as well! There were two large boxes since I ordered the Core Ultra K package. I love how it's so literature based--even though I have a math background. Anne keeps asking when we're going to start. She loves to learn!! She'll be getting the whole gamut in August--Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Math, and Handwriting.

We had another order come through UPS on Thursday, and Naomi asked if that was her school stuff. :( Unfortunately it was not because I'm going to use the Letter of the Week for her. The lesson plans are laid out on a website so it will be up to me to provide the "school stuff." She's not quite ready for Kindergarten curriculum and needs more work on alphabet concepts.

I've put everything back in the boxes already, but will probably get it all out again. I'll take pictures when I do and post them. I'm anxious to get it all organized by weeks according to the instructor's guides.

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